Outlook Server Settings

If you are having trouble sending/receiving mail through Outlook, first check if you can access mail via the web interface.  You may access the web interface by opening a new browser window and entering mail.yourdomainname.com into the address field.  You will need to replace "yourdomainname" with the primary domain. 

For example: If your email address is changes@distanthorizon.com, you will enter mail.distanthorizon.com. 

Enter your email address and password and login.  If you can send and receive mail via the web interface, then the issue is coming from Outlook. 

Most times, the problem can be solved by changing your server settings.  Please use the following:

SMTP (Outgoing) Mail Server: mail.yourdomainname.com
POP3 (Incoming) Mail Server: mail.yourdomainname.com
Outgoing Mail Port Number: 587 (or 25)
Incoming Mail Port Number: 110

Make sure to save your changed settings and restart your computer.  You may also follow the step by step Outlook Setup Instructions for your version of Outlook.  These instructions are also accessible via this Knowledge Base.

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