Domain Spam - Scam to Change Registrar

Some disreputable domain registrars try to scam people into registering domains through their company.  They typically contact domain owners via email and phrase the content of that email as if the owner will lose their domain if they don’t switch to this new company.

Distant Horizon registers all new domains through Network Solutions [] and GoDaddy [].  These reputable companies will remain the registrar on all domains until the owner chooses to let the registration expire.  Domains cannot be usurped within the valid registration period. 

If you receive an email from Network Solutions or GoDaddy that the domain registration is about to expire, please log into your account and renew the domains that you would like to keep.  Please note that you should always hold onto your website’s primary domain name, especially if you have email through that domain.

If you receive an email which threatens to commandeer your domain name, please disregard. 

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