Edit Your Teacher Page

Teacher Pages


To Edit Your Teacher Page

1)     Go to the school’s website and click on “Teacher Pages”

2)     Click “Teacher Login” link on the upper right-hand side.

3)     Enter your username and password. Then click “Login”

4)     Once you are logged in, you will find 6 tabs at the top of the website:

  1. Profile
  2. Dates
  4. This Week
  5. Cool Links
  6. Password Change

5)     Profile— this is where you can explain to your students and their guardian(s) who you are. You have the option of uploading a photo of yourself, the grade you teach and title. In class info, you can use this place to welcome your visitor to your page, say “Welcome to the 3rd grade!” etc. Remember to click “Edit Profile” to SAVE.

6)     Dates— you can use this page for upcoming school events, class events, tests, holidays, and so on. To add a new date, remember to click “Add”.

7)     Downloads—Use this tab for classroom rules, study tips, worksheets for homework (students can download and print from home)

8)     This Week—You can input your lesson plans or add more detail for the special dates you put on the Dates page

9)     Cool Links— do you know of any great educational websites? This is the page you can add websites to for parents and students to visit.

10)  Password Change— is it time for a new password? This is where you change it.

There is no rule on how often you use your teacher page or what tabs you use and don’t use.

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